Given that Sabang’s main attraction is gorgeous beaches, it’s only natural that its more popular accommodations are beachside resorts. In general staying by the beach works better for foreign tourists as activities are right at the door step and communication tends to be easier – locals at the beach and resort employees are much more likely to speak English.
Casa Nemo in Sumur Tiga

There are hotels in and around the city centre and some domestic tourists prefer them for easy access to a greater variety of food.

Sabang’s climate is tropical. While not oppressive, the heat may make sleeping a little harder for some people. If you’re in this category you should ask if you can get an air conditioned room.

Some acommodations offer discounted rate for longer stays or bungalows that are further away from the beach.

Sumur Tiga (Third Well) Beach

Though not as well known as Iboih Beach, Sumur Tiga Beach is increasingly becoming one of Sabang’s best accommodation spots thanks to its good resorts and more accessible location.

Staying in a traditional bungalow here is very lovely and incredibly relaxing. Snorkelling in Sumur Tiga is quite good (the resorts have equipment for hire) but diving is not possible as there is no diving operator here (though your accommodation can tee you up with an operator from another beach).

Sumur Tiga is only 4 kms (5 minutes) away from the city centre so access to various food and historical Japanese bunkers is easy. Speaking of food, restaurants in Freddie’s Santai Sumur Tiga, Casa Nemo and The Point serve local and international food – great for those with frequent craving for western food!

Who should stay here

Those who:

  • want relaxing atmosphere in their accommodation, where local and western food can be found within walking distance
  • want to be close to the city centre to observe locals, find shops, and try different varieties of food
  • are happy to drive approximately 50 minutes to Iboih and Gapang Beaches for more water activities


Freddie’s Santai Sumur Tiga
A popular resort in Sumur Tiga, Freddie’s is the first that makes beachside wooden bungalows fashionable in Sumur Tiga.
Freddie's bungalows

Casa Nemo
Casa Nemo, another popular resort in Sumur Tiga, features a beautiful landscape dotted with charming traditional-style bungalows.
Casa Nemo's bungalows

The Point Sabang Resort

Iboih Beach

Iboih Beach and the tiny Rubiah Island across from it are Sabang’s most popular tourist attraction. Clear water and breathtaking marine life are the reasons why tourists love Iboih and Rubiah.

There are plenty of activities on offer in Iboih/Rubiah. You can swim, snorkel, dive or hire a boat to go around Rubiah Island. A few minutes from Iboih is Gapang Beach, which also has great sites for snorkelling and diving.

Iboih is about 23 kms (40 minutes) away from the city centre.

Who should stay here

Those who want to spend more time on snorkelling and diving and less on other things such as history, food and culture. Iboih is also great for backpackers as there are many simple family-run accommodations in Iboih. Below are some of the more upmarket options.


Yulia Restaurant and Bungalows
Yulia Restaurant and Bungalows seen from boat

Iboih Inn

Gapang Beach

Situated only a few minutes away from Iboih, Gapang is another popular beach. Gapang is also great for snorkelling and diving similar to Iboih. One difference is that Gapang tends to be quieter than Iboih.

Gapang is about 20 kms (40 minutes) away from the city centre.

Who should stay here

Same as Iboih Beach. That is, those who want to spend more time on snorkelling and diving and less on other things.


Gapang Beach Resort
Opened by former Technology Minister BJ Habibie, this resort is owned by the government but privately managed.

Lumba Lumba
The Lumba Lumba diving operator also runs a beachfront resort. Its comfortable cottages are spread out in a nice garden.

City Centre

If you stay in the city centre you won’t have direct access to beach but instead more convenient access to everything else, from the seaport and airport to shops and eateries.

Who should stay here

Visitors who want to explore food, cultural or historical aspects of Sabang more than its beaches. As a general rule of thumb staying at a beach suits most tourists better because Sabang’s snorkelling and diving are its main attraction after all.


Hotel Citra
Hotel Citra


Airbnb has finally found its way to Sabang! There now over 50 property listings on Airbnb for Sabang, consisting of homes, private rooms, hotel rooms, and even bungalows. This link here will take you straight to Airbnb's site for Sabang -> here.