Getting Around

Sabang doesn’t have the usual kinds of transportation that developed places have, such as proper bus network or licensed taxis. Not to worry though, there are plenty of traditional alternatives that you can choose from.


Sabang’s taxis are really just individuals who own a car and offer to drive people. The taxis don’t look any different from a normal car. For instance they don’t have vacant/occupied light. A taxi is either a sedan or Kijang minivan.
Drivers and their cars waiting for potential customers at
Balohan Port. You can hire one of these drivers as
a single-trip taxi or as a drive cum guide.
You will find taxis awaiting for you when you land at Balohan Port or Maimun Saleh Airport.

We recommend that you ask for your taxi driver’s mobile number in case you need their service again in the future. Because taxis are indistinguishable from normal cars you can’t really hail one on the street. This is why you should keep your taxi driver’s contact. Also a taxi driver will happily transform into a driver cum guide if you ask him (see Rented Taxi below).

Because taxis are not metered you need to negotiate your fare before the trip. The rates below only apply when there are at least 3-4 passengers. If you’re getting taxi for your lone self the driver will have to raise his fare to about triple the original per person rate.
From To Rate per person
Balohan Port City centre Rp 20,000
Balohan Port Sumur Tiga Beach Rp 30,000
Balohan Port Iboih Beach/Gapang Beach Rp 60,000
Maimun Saleh Airport City centre Rp 15,000
Maimun Saleh Airport Sumur Tiga Beach Rp 15,000
Maimun Saleh Airport Iboih Beach/Gapang Beach Rp 60,000

Rented Taxi

Rather than hiring taxi for single trips (see Taxi above), you can instead hire a taxi driver to show you around for an entire day or half a day. In this case the driver also doubles up as your guide. You can plan your day(s) with him to make sure you cover the places you’re interested in.

You pay one all-inclusive fee that covers all of the following:
  • Car
  • Driver
  • Fuel
Don’t feel that you have to rush yourself for the driver’s sake. When you arrive at a spot that you like you can spend as much time as you like taking photos, doing activities, etc. The driver will happily wait for you as it is part of their job.
Length Rate per car
Half a day Rp 450,000
One full day Rp 600,000


Called L300 by the locals, minibuses are a cheaper alternative to taxis. Unlike taxis, minibuses run on a particular route and your ride is shared with other people. Also minibuses look different from taxis. However, like taxis, the minibus driver will raise his fare if there are too few passengers.

Ask for your driver’s contact for when you need him to drive you in the future.
From To Rate per person
Balohan Port City centre Rp 15,000
Balohan Port Sumur Tiga Beach Rp 20,000
Balohan Port Iboih Beach/Gapang Beach Rp 50,000

Rented Minibus

Like taxis, minibuses can be hired for a half or full day, in which case the driver simply abandons his route for the day to be your driver cum guide. You can negotiate a slightly lower price than rented taxi.

Becak (Rickshaw)

Observing local residents while enjoying a relaxing rickshaw ride is a great way to experience Sabang. A rickshaw typically carries 2 people. The rate per person is about the same as a full taxi’s per person rate. A becak ride from the city centre to Sumur Tiga Beach costs Rp 10,000.

Ask for your becak driver’s contact in case you need him again.\

Ojek (Motorcyle Taxi)

If you’re travelling alone, getting a (car) taxi becomes less attractive as the driver is forced to charge you more due to having only one passenger. An alternative to taxi is ojek. You’ll be able negotiate the same price as a full taxi’s per person rate.

Ask for your ojek’s number for future rides.

Rental Motorcycle

Rental motorbikes are available for about Rp 120,000 per day. You can find motorbikes for rent at Balohan Port, the city centre and Iboih Beach.

For your own safety please travel at moderate speed as cattle and small animals sometimes can be found roaming freely on the streets.

Rental Bicycle

You can rent bicycles to get around at your leisure for about Rp 50,000. Keep in mind that Sabang is pretty hilly so this may or may not be feasible depending on your fitness level.


Khalid Rental Sabang
Provides taxi and rental motorbike.

Wisata Kota Sabang
Provides taxi, becak and rental motorbike.

Kana Taxi
Provides Kijang and sedan taxi.